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The Office Furniture Supermarket is dedicated to bringing you the best office furniture at the lowest prices all delivered direct to you in the minimum amount of time. We understand that businesses need to consider many factors when choosing their office furniture and have a comprehensive range that caters for all office environments, styles and personal requirements.

When considering your office environment it is a good idea to really think about what your needs and requirements are before buying your furniture. Budget may also dictate what you can afford, luckily The Office Furniture Supermarket is priced very competitively to give you access to prices well below RRP and in many cases a discount of up to 60%. If you know your budget try to work out what you will need e.g. how many desks, chairs, filing cabinets etc and then put these figures into your budget. This should give you an optimal price per piece that you should aim for.

As experts on office furniture we are often asked what are the most important office furniture pieces that businesses need to buy. The answer is; the computer desk and the office or executive chair.

When buying computer desks you should check that the right type of desk is being used in the right office environment. Desk and chair selection will be of prime importance to you furniture needs and the wrong choice could be with you for many years, so it is best to take your time and really think about you will need.

Good computer desks should not only look great but also be fit for purpose. A desk must provide an efficient working surface as well as providing a pleasant and comfortable place to work. A desk must be able to hold and store items, give ample room to desktop equipment such as monitors and also be able to hide the less aesthetically pleasing items such as cables, plugs and wires.

Most employees prefer to face out from there cubicles or face openings etc. To help with this and to create office area sections you might consider L-shapes desks. L-shaped desks provide large amounts of desktop area and also allow visitor space.

For managers and senior staff we have wide range of executive desks with high quality finishes and specifications. A good quality executive desk can project the best image of you and your company. Thankfully an executive desk needed cost a fortune and we have examples to suit all budgets.

The most important piece of office equipment is the office chair. No matter if you are choosing an executive chair or a normal office chair it's imperative that it be of quality construction and made from good materials. Spending a little extra on good quality seating can help prevent health problems, fatigue and employee absence in the long run.

One often overlooked aspect of office furniture is storage and filing. Try to plan for at least some storage areas in your office as this is something that many of us ignore and then have to buy quickly later. Storage cupboards and filing cabinets come in a wide range of colours, styles and shapes and many are made in the same ranges as office desks and other office furniture so that your office maintains a consistent feel. You may need specialist storage such as post room furniture or cabinets and we have many items to help you with this too.

Office tables can help fill reception areas, provide extra storage and give much needed conference areas in an office. We have many different types of office tables from large conference table to canteen tables or stacking tables.

Most modern office are now open plan in design and whilst this helps maximise office space and gives everyone access to the same facilities privacy can at times still be important. We provide a range of office screening to help separate cubicles, screen off reception areas or just help with noise reduction.

At The Office Furniture Supermarket we understand your needs and requirement are specific to you and can offer many different solutions to help you choose the right office furniture for you.

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